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Wreath November

November. What a crazy month!

Some of you may be busy not shaving for the month of November to grow cancer awareness (does this pertain to legs too, because I may be all over that) and others of you are slamming away words on your computer for NanoWrimo, while a few may have started the seasonal drinking a little early to get ready for all the family you will undoubtedly spend the next month with. Me and my friends? We are wreath making!

You’re what? Wreath making. You read it right. Let me show you a little picture.



This is what I get to stare at right now for the next few weeks until we can delivery all of these wreaths. What started out as a simple memorial for a recently deceased nursing home patient turned into mesh-a-palooza as soon as my friends and IĀ got our hands all over the idea.

Here’s what happened. A neighbor of mine’s mother died last year in a nursing home. My neighbor, just tossing an idea out there like throwing an extra tablespoon of sugar in your cookie mix and stirring it all around to be lost and forgotten about, told me that she would like to do something for the doors of the nursing home patients. Then, my neighbor quickly forgot about the idea as soon as she said it. I, however, did not.

My brain thought, bring them some fun. I mean, let’s be honest. They are in a nursing home. Their time is near. They should enjoy their last days, right? I thought so too.

I thought we could draw murals on butcher paper of circus animals, and jugglers, and kids, and peanuts, and bring Barnum & Bailey to the nursing home. (Mind you, I can not draw, but that flaw in the idea hadn’t come to me yet.) And, okay, I’ll admit, maybe, subconsciously I was thinking about Water for Elephants. But, it didn’t matter where I got the idea from, it’s the thought that counts, right?

A few days later, I brought the idea up to my ladies group. We go out once a month to eat, drink and be merry sans kids and husbands. Sounds heavenly, right? You should try it!

They were all over doing a service project and somehow our idea (a previous ladies night) for making Christmas wreaths for ourselves turned into making Christmas wreaths for these patients. So, that’s what we did. Six hours, four hundred dollars, and 45 wreaths later, we did it, in my dining room, with lots of alcohol so no one would realize this wasn’t the “fun” they thought it would be. Making so much holiday cheer was down right work.


IMG_93041We formed our assembly line and kept the momentum going all the way until midnight.


Now, just to deliver these wreaths! With all of our kids in tow. Should be fun. I’ll keep you posted!

Erin Bevan