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A little…obsessed.

So, I might be slightly, a little, maybe, perhaps, obsessive about things. I mean not much. Just a little. Like many families in America this weekend, we put up our Christmas tree. Yay! Tree is up. But it wasn’t so yay for me. In fact, it was kinda of blah. Last year, I decided I wanted all new. I bought new ornaments, new tree, new, new, new!  And I put it all together going with a white and red theme, and when I finished I felt like my tree looked a little too much like Cupid was going to come shoot me in the butt with his arrow versus Santa leaving a sack full of presents behind. But I’d already spent all this money. I wasn’t going to change it. So I left it, and I was semi-happy with it. Semi.

This year, I put up that same “new” tree with those same “new” ornaments, and I stared at it. And worse than last year, this 9-foot giant didn’t settle well with me. This heavy feeling sat on my chest as if the tree had fallen on top of me, and I knew I couldn’t look at that “new” tree for a solid month in it’s state. I just couldn’t. (First world problems, I know!)

My tree reminded me of my current work-in-progress story. Under all that built up pressure of something being wrong, I knew there could be greatness, but I wasn’t seeing it… yet.

So, naturally, like any work-in-progress of mine, I lost sleep over it. I wake up at 1 am and decided to stare at Pinterest and read articles about what makes a fantastic Christmas tree because that’s what crazy people do. And the next morning, I hit the store, buying even more new ornaments because if it’s in my power to make it great, it will be great. Just call me Donald Trump. So I spent another whole day fluffing and fussing over my tree like the obsessive person that I am, and now, now, it’s beautiful. At least to me and my daughter who talked about putting up the Christmas tree since before Thanksgiving (and who of course, didn’t really help that much. Granted, she’s six. What did I expect?)

img_1507 img_1508

And now that my tree dilemma is settled, it’s time to go back to my work-in-progress. I have a feeling I might be losing a lot more sleep.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!


Erin Bevan

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Erin Bevan

Halloween Reflection

Halloween has never been one of my favorite holidays, if you even call it a holiday. I suppose it’s a loose holiday like Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day (unless you’re Irish!). But this year, walking around with my children, my perspective changed a little.

My kids-six, three, and two- had a tough time containing their excitement for the past two weeks. When the evening of Halloween finally came, they jumped and danced all around the house like they had already partaken in an entire bucket of candy, yet, they hand’t had a piece.

As we began our venture through the neighborhood, I realized something. Despite who our next President will be, despite what race, religion, sex, or age, everyone joined together for an evening of fun. Kids of all ages ran to each house filled with the excitement at the anticipation of their next prize, while the givers smiled with joy filled faces and gladly gave away their bounty.

Princesses, dinosaurs, pirates, skeletons, zombies, and even an Oompa Loompa (no clowns though!) all band together for an enjoyable evening.

While I would prefer to leave the blood, guts, and overall creepiness of Halloween out, (cuz let’s be honest, you invite the devil in to play then he will y’all) I did enjoy and appreciate how this old tradition can bring such happiness to faces young and old. We forgot our problems and our differences for one evening, and all banned together to focus on the good. Even if it was just for one evening.

And now, I will have to admit, I’m a fan of Halloween.

Erin Bevan