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April-Did You Know?

When we think of April the first thing that may come to mind is April Fools’ Day. The day we all gather around playing tricks on each other, or open up our web browsers to discover Apple/Google/or some other web giant has invented a scratch and sniff app, only to scratch and sniff our screens and realize how much of a complete moron we look like for smelling our phones seconds after the act has already happened.

The history of April Fools’ Day is somewhat sketchy.  The “holiday” could be derived from a number of sources. One being the change of the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar which moved the New Years celebration from the end of March-first of April to January 1. Those few people who were behind the times still celebrating on the first of April were called April Fish and sent fake presents. (That would be me!)

And there is also the believe that April Fools’ Day started as more of a prank from Mother Nature as her weather is so unpredictable in the spring. Is it hot? Is it cold? We never know. Stick your hand outside and find out.

But, besides the celebration of April Fools’ Day, Arbor Day, the beginning of baseball, and the blooming of beautiful flowers, April is also known to be named for Aphrodite, or the Goddess of Love. Said to be born from the castrated genitals of the Sky-God Ouranos (I bet she didn’t tell many people where her birthplace was), she represents romance, love, flirtation, seduction, and beauty. What better month for a romance writer? So, I declare April should also be known as Read a Romance Book Month! Maybe it’s a trend we can start. Who’s with me?

Erin Bevan