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I love blog hops! It’s a chance to get to know more writers, readers, and find new book boyfriends…er… I mean, friends, because I have a husband and all. *Blushes*

But, you get my point, and I am so happy you are here visiting me on my blog. In fact, to show you how happy I am, I’m hosting a giveaway! I’m giving away 5 codes to download an Audible version of my short Valentine’s Day story called Text Me. A sweet novella that goes along with The Wild Rose Press’s Candy Hearts Romance Series. I do hope you love the story. Good luck, and hop on!

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When Erika’s ex becomes her boss less than a year after dumping her by text, she gets desperate to find a date to the corporate Valentine’s dance so he doesn’t suspect she still has feelings for him. Though not a fan of texting for the obvious reason, she doesn’t have much choice but to tap the keypad in order to gain the attention of the only viable candidate from the classified ads.

Grayson made the mistake of listening to his brother a year ago and has regretted what he did to Erika ever since. But his brother’s next suggestion just might be his salvation when he takes out an ad for a Valentine’s date…and Erika answers.

Using a pseudo name and keeping contact to text messages only, Grayson’s plans to make Erika fall back in love with him appears to be working…until the date of the dance draws near, and she pushes a meeting—face to face.

Erin Bevan

Halloween Hop!

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Halloween is almost here. Can you believe it? Pretty soon, we’ll be tossing our candy pumpkins for turkey comas and stuffed stockings. And while the heroine in my next release loves Christmas– I mean she is the princess of Christmas after all–I have a feeling she would be excited to decorate her front door like mine. Mummy wrapped!

14568093_10100119841240757_3790992878935770678_n(excuse my sideways picture)

Here’s what you need:

Crate Paper, or Toile-whatever you want to wrap your door with.

A Plastic Table Cloth. You can purchase at any dollar store.

Black Poster Board.

Two Paper Plates

Construction Paper


Tape- a lot of it.

Patience- Even more of it.

I palced the plastic table cloth over the door and tapped it to the back of the door. Then I proceeded to cut strips of crate paper. And more strips. And even more strips. If you have a little person who is patient enough to sit on the other side of the door, you can wrap toil over the door ten thousand times, and pass the roll off to each other. I used crate paper because it was hecka-cheaper. Your door, your decision. Just make sure you criss-cross it real good and get it all mummy looking.

*Note* If you use crate paper it’s very, very, VERY wise to decorate your door just before halloween. After the first rain, guess what happened to my mummy. She decided to come unwrapped, and now it looks like we were the house that got TP’d. If this does happen to you, flip the whole thing around, and teach your children about the three little pigs and building a house on a solid foundation instead of out of paper. Look, I’ve given you decorating advice and life advice. Extra bonus! No charge!

For the eyes, cut two giant holes, and tape it to the the back of paper plates. For the black part, just cut a big swirl in your poster board at the top and bottom. Tape eyes to poster board, and tape poster board to door. We gave our’s eyelashes. Totally not required.

*Another side note* Use real tape. Like packing tape or that tape that binds so well it’s like a wax job if it gets on your skin and you have to pull it off. Don’t waste your time with cheap tape. Your patience will thank you. And because I’m in the mood to celebrate my new release, I am giving away one signed paperback copy. You must visit my Facebook page to win. If you “Like” it, super awesome. Wrapped Up In You releases on November 30! perf5.000x8.000.indd

Princess Jenny Claus has thirty suitors to choose from to take on the role of Santa and her husband, and only three weeks to do it. When an outsider crashes into and destroys the toy factory, her Gala and the prospect of Christmas for children everywhere are ruined.

Logan Moss awakens from his plane crash, suffering from partial amnesia. Surrounded by a world he always considered make believe, he has a hard time accepting his new surroundings. Except for one snow princess who he’s deeply fascinated with. And when Logan realizes she only has three weeks to pick a husband, he begins to feel compelled to be that man. Problem is, he can’t remember if he has a wife.

With Christmas getting closer, Jenny has to make the hardest decision of her life…duty or love.

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Erin Bevan