What’s Your Ideal Reading Space?

I was asked by a reader to write a post about my ideal reading space, and I accepted the chance. I’ve often thought about where I would love to read and when. For me, it’s pretty simple. When I visualize myself having a reading binge, I’m on my sofa with a comfy blanket, a warm steaming cup of yummy coffee in hand, and outside… it’s raining. Not crazy thunderstorm scare me rain, but a nice soft drizzle that allows you to do nothing at all but stay inside, cuddle up, and read. And my kids…well maybe they are away at Grandma’s for the day.

This image was compliments from Pinterest, and I believe this is Tammy’s living room. ¬†At least that’s what her Instagram follower called her, so thanks Tammy for providing a great picture! But couldn’t you cozy up to that couch and read a book? I know I could! BTW, Tammy, you have great style! Love your pillows.

Now, it’s your turn. What would your cozy reading space be?

Erin Bevan