Surviving Corona.

Who knew that when one said the word Corona, how quickly a beer would be eradicated from our minds and in it’s place a virus would take precedent?


And now we all have to survive with kids at home while trying to work? Seriously!

Well, I am here to give you a few tips, for whatever it’s worth, to help you survive this trying time. Because in all seriousness, we should practice social distancing (as I type this from a coffee shop), and we should be mindful of this virus. So here are a few ideas to help keep you on some sort of routine and hopefully, keep your sanity.

1. Stick to a morning routine.

Yep. You read that right.

*Wake up.

*Eat Breakfast.

*Brush your teeth.

*Brush your hair.

*Make your beds.

*Get ready for school work.

 2. 8 am: Start school.

*Don’t slack off on this part. Don’t let the kids watch TV, don’t let them play with Barbies or Legos or anything, go directly to your school work. Now, dammit! Go!

3. 10:00 am: Break time.

*If they aren’t done with school and you haven’t killed your kids yet, take a break. Use the bathroom, get some water, do some jumping jacks, dance, sing, run around outside. Do something to get that blood pumping again.

4. It’s 10:15: Get back to it.

*Time to get back to work! And finish your school work!

5. 12:00 Lunch:

*Hopefully, your kids are finished, and you can all breathe a little easier. By this time of the day, mom, it’s time to pour a little cocktail, mocktail, or say some extra prayers to Jesus because you’re going to need it. You still have a whole afternoon and evening to get through. But you can do this! Here are some suggestions how.

**Watch a movie

**Make an art project.

**Read a book together.

**Play a board game.

**Cook together.

**Clean the house!

Yes! You read that right. All those little people living with you are now home to make more messes, produce more trash, and possibly dirty more clothes. Put them to work washing, folding, sorting, and cleaning.

Teach them how to run the washing machine, the vacuum cleaner, the dishwasher, etc. Make it fun and make a game out of it, or if you’re like me, threaten them with their lives if they don’t do it, but make them do it. We aren’t serving our children by doing everything for them.

I made a Pinterest board to help you with some more ideas to survive the cabin fever.

Good luck and God Speed! And if you have some ideas, shoot them to me. That would be better than me shooting my kids.

Together, we will survive!

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