Weekend DIY Project That Anyone Can Do!

Do you DIY?

I love having a weekend project, but what I love more than having a weekend project is having the time to do the project. I love DIY. I love the idea of DIY, but in reality, I am not that great at DIY.  Most of my weekend DIY projects turn into the start of something that I will eventually have to hire a contractor to finish. Or one of those major Pinterest fails. We’ve all seen them. The picture of the person trying to reenact the glamour shot of a model doing the splits, and instead you see a picture of a housewife trying to split, but her groin gets no where close to the ground and the only thing splitting is her pants…or is that just what happens to me?

Anyway, I digress. I do that often. But this weekend, I did, indeed, master a project. I conquered the paintbrush like a pro.  If the DIY project requires measuring, and power tools, you can pretty much forget it. But give me a paint brush, a hammer, and a nail, and I feel like a woman beast! So here is what I did. I braved the color Alexandrite from Sherwin Williams. Such a fun green!

(As always, my Amazon affiliate links are used. Charges you nothing extra, and gives me some coffee money to keep powered doing my thing for your entertainment.)


I took this boring mudroom station.

Into this:

(For a station like this, click on the picture above to take you to one directly on Amazon)


(Want a cute basket like this? Click on the picture above.)


(Dog crate links attached to picture above.)


(Assortment of cute wicker baskets linked in picture above.)


I braved the Alexandrite green because this station was in my mudroom/dog room. I figured if I totally hated the color, then it didn’t matter. I could always repaint it, and no one would ever see this room besides our little family. Turns out, I love the color! I’m so happy I braved the green! It made this small space so much happier. I realize there is so much more I could do with this mudroom to make it cute, but I don’t see the point in spending the money. My dogs don’t care! And neither do I. I hope you love it, and I hope this inspired you to be brave and go paint something a wild color. If you do, show me! If you want more of my decor ideas/tips you can click on this post where I show you how much I’m obsessed with blue stripes!

OK, I must stop playing and go work on the next book. Otherwise it’ll never get done.

Until next time! Go read something, or DIY something.



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