Author Spotlight- Tess Thompson

Tess Thompson

Thompson is the USA Today bestselling author of small-town romance and historical fiction, with more than 20 titles across multiple series that focus on heartwarming journeys of triumph and humanity for colorful characters you’d love to be friends with in real life.

Tess holds a degree in theater from the University of Southern California, and can be found most days at her desk in suburban Seattle, where she also makes her home with the hero of her own love story and their blended family of two sons, two daughters, and five cats.

Tess has generously agreed to a short interview for me. You can click her picture above to send you directly to her entire lineup of great books, or simply click here. 

1) How did your writing journey start?
I think it started because I’m an insomniac. When I was trying to fall asleep at night I would come up with stories to try and dull my brain into submission. One night I thought, maybe try writing that novel you always wanted instead of just making up stories. I wrote Riversong as an experiment while simultaneously taking workshops and reading craft books. Two years later, in 2011, a small press published Riversong and launched my career. I now have 25 full-length novels and 6 novellas!
2) What inspired your latest series, and what plans do you have for the series? 
My latest series, Emerson Pass, is a bit strange. I’m not sure it’s a good idea or not! Time will tell. It’s a ten book series set in the fictional town of Emerson Pass, Colorado. Five of the novels will be historical romance (1910-1920) and five will be contemporary. The contemporary ones will feature the descendants of the historical novels. I only have two out so far, but I’ll be releasing them over the next few years. One historical followed by a contemporary and so forth.
3) If you could have a super power, what would it be? 
Curing cancer. I’m not sure that’s a super power but I sure wish I could. I’d also like to be able to teleport so I could see family and friends that live far away or pop over to Paris for dinner.

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