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I got to have a great little chat with my author friend Kristen McKanagh/Abigail Owen/Kadie Scott for this month’s Author Spotlight. She has multiple pen names, multiple genres, and honestly she’s a writing beast. So without further ado, here is our interview.


I think it’s no secret you’ve inspired me since the day I met you. First off, tell people how many words you write a day, and how you keep the motivation for doing that?

Awwww! That is so sweet my friend. 🙂 When I’m writing I aim at about 3,000 words a day through the workweek. I was doing 4,000 a day for a while, but find that pace only works for me in shorter stints. I find I work very well to deadline and that seems to be my biggest motivation. I usually schedule time in for edits as well (mine and my editors) and cross my fingers that I don’t need more time or my schedule goes all hooey. LOL. For me the biggest motivation though are the stories. The more I write, the more ideas I get. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!


What series/book/project are you working on right now and what’s the one thing you want readers to know about said project?

I have several in various states at the moment, and I love them all!

My current first draft WIP is the 4th and final book in my dragon shifter Inferno Rising series. Book 2 released August 25 and book 3 is currently in edits coming in the spring. Also in edits is book 4 (of 5) of my crossover series of dragon shifters Fire’s Edge. And the 4th novella in my Brimstone series is also in edits. Those are all as Abigail Owen.

As Kadie Scott (steamy contemporary romance) I am in the process of co-writing a fun romcom with my friend Nicole Flockton. We do that on weekends and off days, so not sure on timing yet.

As Kristen McKanagh (sweet contemporary romance), the first book of an adorable kitten matchmaker series–Snowball’s Christmas–releases September 29th! I’ve just turned in the 2nd book to my editor. Also up are a new series of Amish romance, the first is written and coming next spring.

Phew! Written down like that, it’s a lot. LOL. But all so much fun!


What’s something interesting that happened to you that inspired a scene or even a whole book? 

LOL. I once locked my purse in a total strangers car. True, highly embarrassing, story. 🙂 I made that the meet cute for one of my Kadie Scott cowboy romances–Taming the Troublemaker (which might be one of my personal favs from that pen name). She locks her purse in and then he thinks she’s hitting on him because he’s a bit of a player. Very different from reality where a nice older couple came out and were very confused by how my purse ended up in their locked car.


That last one is a funny story and something I would end up doing. Kadie/Abigail/Kristen is such an inspiring author. Something she didn’t mention is she is also owner of Author’s On A Dime. She’s a great cover artist, and dabbles in editing as well. She made the Black and Blue Series covers for me, and she is just truly a Jill of all trades and super inspiring. You can check more of her out here! And order her latest, Snowball’s Christmas just in time for the holiday season!


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