Well, Hello There Pumpkin!

Fall is my favorite time of year!! But, I have to admit, with my house being 50 Shades of Tan and no painting in my near future, I could not do all the browns of fall. I just could not.

And then I realized there is no decorating police coming into my home. They aren’t going to fine me with some crazy ticket because I didn’t decorate in the traditional “autumn” colors, so why not add some color to my life? Why not go pink and blue? Or purple or green? Who’s going to stop me?

The answer is no one! And because of this wild idea to go spring colors for fall, I had another wild idea. Decoupage some pumpkins! Well, I used fabric so is it still decoupage? Is decoupage only for paper? Anyway, you get the idea.

I ran to my local Walmart (because that’s all my town has and I really hate Walmart, but that’s for another post, another day) and grabbed some spray paint, some Mod Podge, some sponges, fabric, and some pumpkins. And I had a craft day! Super easy, super fun, super cheap, and this idea packs a big punch. And now, I’m going to share that with you!

So grab your kids, your glue, and your pumpkins. And let’s get to it.

What You Will Need

A paint sponge

Mod Podge

A pumpkin

(I suggest white. If you are using an orange pumpkin either make sure you are using dark fabric, or spray paint it white first so the orange doesn’t show through. Trust me on this!)




Cut your fabric into strips. Cut a V at the top of each strip. That will be what wraps around your pumpkin stem.

Try to cut your strips about the same width, but as you can see I did not. Nor did I really care! If you’re looking for perfectionism I might be the wrong person for you! Besides, it’s art! You have the license to be imperfect.

Note: If you want to measure from the top of the pumpkin to the base so you know what size to cut your strips, you can with a fabric tape measure. I was too lazy for that and just winged it.


With your sponge, spread the Mod Podge on the back of the fabric strip, then cover your pumpkin one strip at a time. The V should wrap around the stem like this.


Just keep wrapping each strip until the whole pumpkin is covered. Once it’s covered, I spritzed a little Elmer’s Spray Glue Adhesive on the outside, but you don’t have to.

And there you have it! Cutie Patootie is done!

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Another great way to add color to your pumpkins for not much money is spray paint! I stuck to blue, pink and cream and just rolled with it. So fun, so cute, and so easy.

If you decide to do this, show me! I’d love to see. Also, if you want to see my tips on how to create a grand entry, go here! These pumpkins would help make any home feel welcoming.

Until next time! Happy decorating. Go read something, and show me what you create!



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