All The Right Reasons

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Series: Serendipity Falls #2
Release Date: December 29, 2021
Pages: 232

 This … this is not what Shelby Monroe planned for when she opened her interior design business. She didn't anticipate funds running low as she starts her biggest project to date, the renovation of the Carlisle Building, and she certainly didn't anticipate the death of her mother nor the sudden custody of her little brother, with the Department of Human Services watching her every move.

Dane Graham also knows a little something about plans not working out. He'd planned to marry his girlfriend-slash-assistant and grow his construction company with her by his side. He never saw her refusing his marriage proposal, leaving him reeling.

Both Shelby and Dane should be used to being blindsided, but the biggest shock comes when a production company approaches them, offering to film their renovation of the historic Carlisle. It's perfect. Shelby will have a solid income, proving she can support her little brother. Dane will grow his empire, and hopefully leave his ex jealous and groveling.

Everything is coming together again, except there’s one little problem … the TV deal is for a married couple only. Maybe faking a marriage isn't wrong if it's for all the right reasons.