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Release Date: November 26, 2021

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Violet Sterling is working hard to keep her frame business afloat during the holiday rush. Short on time and hands, the last thing she needs is to break her arm from slipping on ice, but that’s exactly what she does right after she waves to her ex-fiancé, and local police officer, Danny Young.

Stupid social graces.

Desperate for help to run her shop, but without many funds to pay an employee, Danny convinces Violet to hire his out-of-town friend for the job. Unsure of the arrangement, but without much choice, Violet agrees.

Austin Ford is between sessions at the academy. When his partner offers him a sting trying to uncover a drug operation run out of a small-town art store, he jumps at the chance. The only catch is, he must go undercover working as a frame hand for some little old lady that his friend, Danny, is fond of.

When Austin arrives in Blossomville, things aren’t what they seem. For starters, the local frame shop owner is young and attractive, not old, and feeble, and while there may not be a drug ring going around Blossomville, there is a possible murderer.

Can Austin protect Violet without letting his past cloud his judgment? And what’s really going on with her and Danny anyway?

The Flower Bank

1 Flower- My sweet and clean romance. Most would feel safe giving these books to their daughters or grandmothers.
2 Flowers- Equals a little spicier than the first but no adult content other than cursing and innuendo on the page.
3 Flowers- These are riddled with innuendo, and cursing, while adult activity happens behind closed doors.
4 Flowers- Grown-ups only please! Give it to your grandmother if she's spicy.