Wedding Day

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AmazonRelease Date: August 29, 2016

Cassandra Bailey, Frisbee's newest veterinarian, moves back home to be closer to family. To jumpstart her new practice, she volunteers her services at the home-town rodeo. What she didn't expect was to run into Dallas Day, famous bull rider and local celebrity whom she had mad feelings for in highschool. Unfortunately, the feelings for Dallas weren't the same. In fact, he didn't even remember her.

Dallas’ older brother, Brody, bets him that, even with all his charm and fame, Dallas can’t land a date with the reserved lady vet that every eligible bachelor within a ten-mile radius is trying to land. Not one to turn down a challenge, Dallas makes it his mission to win a date with Cassie. After seeing her, he realizes they’ve met before, but he doesn’t remember her being so pretty.

His persistence pays off, but when Cassie finds out about the bet, their new love is put to the test. Determined to win her back, Dallas meets his biggest challenge yet: saving her life from a deadly stalker.

The Flower Bank

1 Flower- My sweet and clean romance. Most would feel safe giving these books to their daughters or grandmothers.
2 Flowers- Equals a little spicier than the first but no adult content other than cursing and innuendo on the page.
3 Flowers- These are riddled with innuendo, and cursing, while adult activity happens behind closed doors.
4 Flowers- Grown-ups only please! Give it to your grandmother if she's spicy.