Wrapped Up In You

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Release Date: September 29, 2023

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Noelle Claus—affectionately known as Elle—has thirty suitors to choose from to take on the role of Santa and her husband, and only three weeks to do it. When an outsider crashes into and destroys the toy factory during her Courtship Gala, the prospect of Christmas for children everywhere is ruined.

Logan Moss awakens from his plane crash, unable to remember his past. Surrounded by a world he always considered make-believe, he has difficulty accepting his new surroundings, except for one snow princess he's deeply fascinated with. The only problem is, he can't remember if he has a wife or family back home.

As the clock ticks down to Christmas, Elle knows her heart belongs to Logan. However, the fate of Christmas and family duty can't rest on someone who may not truly be hers. Find the true meaning of Christmas in this heartwarming journey of self-discovery and love, sprinkled with a little North Pole magic.

The Flower Bank

1 Flower- My sweet and clean romance. Most would feel safe giving these books to their daughters or grandmothers.
2 Flowers- Equals a little spicier than the first but no adult content other than cursing and innuendo on the page.
3 Flowers- These are riddled with innuendo, and cursing, while adult activity happens behind closed doors.
4 Flowers- Grown-ups only please! Give it to your grandmother if she's spicy.